Outreach Support

Support doesn’t end outside of our clinic

Due to the nature of what our clients are experiencing it is clear that more support is required outside of our sessions with them

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    About Our Outreach Support

    We understand our clients need a little extra support outside of therapy

    We offer additional outreach services for those that might benefit. Our outreach team are experienced with a range of mental health conditions and all have had training to help support individuals in difficult circumstances and even crisis situations.

    The purpose of this provision is to be flexible and where possible accommodate the needs of each individual based on the goals and outcomes they are working towards. Our outreach support helps to promote independence and assist individuals to build skills and confidence.

    For some, outreach support is provided on a short-term basis with a client just needing support in a specific context. There are instances where we can also offer short term care where there is currently a gap in services.

    We can also offer a longer-term support plan if that is needed and gradually reduce hours over an agreed length of time. The support we offer is tailored, flexible and works in partnership with clients to make sure they get the best value of any agreed support package. Reviews take place to help ensure this and to provide the opportunity to make changes to any care plan based on new or changing circumstances.

    How our outreach services help

    • Providing emotional support
    • Help with day to day activities

    • Attending appointments or providing transport
    • Engaging in positive and fun activities
    • Assistance with professional and educational goals
    • Providing support in difficult circumstances
    • Help with specific conditions: ADS, Hoarding, Anxiety disorders and PTSD

    • Help managing crisis situations

    Ashleigh Wykes

    DBT Therapist & skills trainer