What Is Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate, anyone can be affected by this disease

We offer non-judgemental and confidential environments to examine what your needs are in order for you to successfully change the factors that are causing distress

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    Symptoms of addiction

    The symptoms of addiction can present themselves in all areas of life

    Addiction is generally related to alcohol, certain prescription drugs and substances such as cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine, ‘legal highs’ including mephedrone, ecstasy, ketamine, crystal meth, and heroin. There are many other drugs of abuse but we have named the main ones used in the UK.

    All of the above have the potential to cause physical and psychological harm.

    If you can relate to any of the following; now may be the time to get help.

    • Need to use more to achieve a high.

    • The same amount not having the desired effect.

    • You’re using more than you intend to or for longer than you intended.
    • Do you have a desire to cut down or stop?

    • Have you tried unsuccessful to cut down or stop?

    • Are you spending less time on previously enjoyed activities?

    • Greater focus on drug and/or alcohol use than other activities?

    • Main activities related to alcohol and/or drug use.

    • Family and/or friends concerned about what you are doing.

    • Avoiding people or situations where you are unable to use.

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    Free initial consultations within 24 hours