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1 in 10 people will develop PTSD in their lifetime. Trauma can be experienced at any point in an individual’s life causing serious & life changing physical and mental symptoms

What is Trauma & PTSD?

Trauma can be experienced at any point of an individual’s life

Reviewed by Consultant Director, Lorna Wykes.

Trauma is assessed not by the event itself It is assessed by the individual’s subjective experience and causes.
Emotional or psychological trauma is the response to very distressing or disturbing even that overwhelms an individual’s ability to manage. Trauma can result in feeling helpless, isolated, and confused, it may be that you are left struggling with upsetting emotions and memories that will not shift and interfere with quality of your life.Trauma can be experienced at any point in an individual’s life and can be because of an environment or event that involved a threat to your safety or wellbeing, separation loss, serious illness, bullying, abuse, and neglect. Physical symptoms can include: Insomnia, nightmares, heightened anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. Trauma is assessed not by the event itself but by the individual’s subjective experience and causes and symptoms vary person to person.
PTSD and Trauma therapy in Buckinghamshire

Types of Trauma & PTSD

Trauma can be broken down into 3 different types

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Also known as PTSD

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is caused when a person has been exposed to a disturbing or traumatic event. The onset of PTSD can be experienced immediately after the event or sometimes months or years later. It can affect those who have been involved or witnessed the event, or those who attend to these events because of their profession such as emergency workers, law enforcement and military personnel.

Complex Trauma

Also known as CPTSD

Complex trauma is caused by repetitive events in a person’s life often because of being exposed to environments where they have been subject to abuse, bullying or violence. There are a wide range of effects of this kind of exposure and CPTSD can be caused both in childhood and adult life.

Developmental Trauma

Also known as DTD

This disorder is formed during the early years of a child’s life because of abuse and neglect. It often can result in interference with the child’s neurological and cognitive development. Later in life can result in the child struggling to form attachments and leave them with lasting psychological harm.

Causes of trauma & PTSD

What causes Trauma & PTSD?

The following are experiences that could cause Trauma
Person receiving therapy for trauma & PTSD in buckinghamshire

Symptoms of trauma & PTSD

General symptoms, avoidance symptoms & hyper-arousal symptoms

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms we can advise you on the best route forward

General Symptoms

Avoidance Symptoms

Hyper-Arousal Symptoms

Treatment For Trauma & PTSD in Buckinghamshire

Know & Understand The Treatment Options Available To You


Looking at the causes and understanding trauma responses

This therapy will assist in looking at the causes of trauma and understanding trauma responses. It may include looking at history and development as well as exploring the impact the trauma has had, this process can allow the client to increase their awareness and ability to manage thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are connected with the trauma in their life.

Exposure Therapy

A safe setting to gradually face fear of the trauma

This is a type of behaviour therapy that enables the client to gradually face fear or trauma in a safe setting. The process of exposure has been found to reduce anxiety and depression by reconditioning the physical and emotional responses.

Trauma Focused CBT

Managing thoughts & emotions around the trauma

CBT works with the client to manage thoughts and emotions around the trauma, to increase their awareness and ability to manage the symptoms of trauma or PTSD. This therapy will help clients come to terms with the traumatic experience and involves looking at stress management.

A comprehensive programmme for treating trauma

DBT is a more comprehensive programme which includes talking therapy and skills training either one to one or in a group. Many of our DBT clients have experienced trauma in their life and have found DBT to be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and unhelpful coping strategies. By beginning the healing process, while having one to one therapy which is overlapped with building skills to manage anxiety, painful emotions, and relationships.

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Trauma & PTSD

1 in 10 people will develop PTSD in their lifetime. Trauma can be experienced at any point in an individual’s life causing serious & life changing physical and mental symptoms.

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