Child & Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

10% of children have a mental health condition

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    Children and Adolescent Depression and Anxiety

    Sadness & anxiety is a normal part of growing up, but when this persists help could be required

    Almost all children will experience feelings of sadness and anxiety from time to time which is a completely normal part of growing up. When these issues persist, it might be time to consider getting some help. Early intervention can reduce interference with healthy development and help to reduce the chance of long-term issues that may be carried with them into teenage years and adulthood.

    70% of children & adolescents
    Do not receive appropriate intervention

    Child & Teenage Depression

    Depression can affect all aspects of a child or teenagers life

    Childhood depression can take many forms but typically can manifest as persistent sadness, low mood and feelings loneliness, worthlessness, and hopelessness. Depression can affect all aspects of a child life including life at home, education, relationships, and development.

    Depression in children and adolescents can be assessed, diagnosed, and treated with therapy and in some cases medication.

    Causes of depression in young people can be due to a combination of factors: physical health, life events, family history, environment, and genetics.

    Symptoms of depression in children & teenagers

    These are the common symptoms we find with children & teenagers experiencing depression