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Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Buckinghamshire

Access immediate drug and alcohol treatment at a rehab in Buckinghamshire within 24 hours through our inpatient referral programme.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Buckinghamshire

Access a drug & alcohol rehab in buckinghamshire within 24 hours

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Home Counties Therapy has 24 hour a day access to an exclusive drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire. It is set in beautiful surroundings and everyone is cared for to the highest standard. The inpatient clinic is based in Bedfordshire in a tranquil, rural setting. All clients have their own bedroom and executive rooms with en suite facilities are also available, the accommodation is very comfortable and have well maintained gardens, during their stay clients have access to a gym and spa. All meals are provided throughout your stay.

A minimum of 28 days is usually recommended because this allows time for you to explore the reasons behind your addiction. Working through emotions and problems in a safe and supportive environment allows clients to make sustainable changes, building resilience and self-esteem to allow you to live a life free of addiction. Shorter stays are available for those who are simply looking for a detox, this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Rehab offers people the opportunity to get their life back On Track

If you think you or a loved one requires immediate access to drug and alcohol rehab treatment, we’re here to help. We offer a number of different treatment packages, and can create bespoke ones to best suit your needs.

Not only can we gain you exclusive and fast tracked access to treatment centres, we’re also able to work with you or your loved one before they start their rehab treatment to help ensure the best chances of a successful rehab treatment.

Person receiving help for addiction in a drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Packages

Two-week Rehab Treatment


During a two week stay you will receive the full support & care of the entire inpatient facility team.

If required, you will be prescribed a detox programme. This will be closely monitored & managed by the team to allow you a safe withdrawal from drugs & alcohol.

Throughout your stay, you’ll be involved with group therapy sessions and activities. Alongside this you’ll have an opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes and prepare for a new way of life.

Four-week Rehab Treatment


The four week treatment programme will include a safe & managed detox programme if it is required at the start of your stay.

During the 4 weeks of treatment you will be involved with group therapy sessions & activities. You’ll also work closely with a drug & alcohol counsellor who will help & support you further in 1 to 1 sessions.

There’ll be ongoing opportunities to create healthy lifestyle changes, meet and get to know new people and prepare a plan to continue your new way of life after treatment.

By completing a stay of 4 weeks or more, you’ll also have access to ongoing aftercare from the inpatient facility at no extra cost.

Six-week Rehab Treatment

Highly Recommended

If you choose to stay for a six week treatment plan you will receive everything we have mentioned in the 2 & 4 week treatment plans.Through staying an extra 2 weeks you will gain deeper insights into what it takes to live a happy & successful life free of drugs & alcohol.During this time, you will also be able to help and aid people who are earlier on in their journey. This hugely helps build your self esteem, confidence in your new way of life & develop new friendships that can last a lifetime.

Tailored drug & alcohol Rehab Packages

Bespoke to your needs

All are tailored for your situation and will give the best possible outcome within the allocated time frame. It can be difficult to take time away from work or family but we will try to make this as feasible as possible for you and keep your confidentiality and anonymity with your information only disclosed to those you specifically request.

support from a caring & professional team

Start building a life free from drugs & alcohol in rehab

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Addiction does not discriminate, anyone can be affected by this disease. We offer non-judgemental and confidential environments to examine what your needs are in order for you to successfully change the factors that are causing distress.

Inpatient Rehab

We appreciate that clients, who come to us, will need to be treated with confidentiality and discretion. Your recovery and freedom to continue your journey in life is our primary consideration.

Drugs & Their Effects

Here are descriptions of the major drugs used, their effect and consequences of long term use as well as their legal status in the UK.If you are struggling with use of any one or combination of the below substances then contact Home Counties for assessment and support.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Get instant results using our in-house testing options such as breathalyzers, urine samples or surface testing. We also offer formal tests such as UKAS 17025 accredited laboratory hair strand tests and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Drug & Alcohol Support Services

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Our aim is to see you within 48 hours of contacting us.
Yes, your family can be offered appointments with another therapist in the practice and/or we can offer family appointments where they would be beneficial to your treatment.
The first appointment gives you the opportunity to discuss what you feel you need, and we will advise you on what we think is the most effective way forward for you. This is a collaboration between you and us.
This can form part of your initial discussion and we find that some people want to go straight to inpatient rehab and yet others prefer to try to manage at home. That decision will be made with yourself and the clinician managing your treatment.
Yes, many people leave rehab needing additional support and we can offer that for you and your family.

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