Corporate Support

Therapeutic Corporate Support

Our services are available for companies, local authorities, solicitors, trusts, schools, colleges, and universities.

We develop a supportive partnership with Home Counties Therapy

Access therapeutic Support for The People around you

We work across a wide range of industries, from local businesses & authorities, solicitors, to independent schools, colleges, and universities.

All of our services are available at exclusive corporate rates to help you support your team, clients, and pupils.

UK Employers lose £7.3 billion a year due to substance misuse

Corporate Drug & Alcohol Support

60% of poor performance in the workplace is linked to drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace. At Home Counties Therapy, we’re able to support your employees with drug testing services, therapeutic intervention, and drug and alcohol treatment programmes.

Psychosocial education for pupils

Drug & Alcohol Support For Independent Schools

As an independent school you may be seeking psychosocial education for pupils – Our experts will spend approximately 2 – 3 hours with each group of pupils, giving them the pros and cons of substances, explaining to them the risks and acknowledging the positives. If you don’t acknowledge the positives, their peers will. We want to give young people the ability to make effective and wise choices through real knowledge of where every decision leads.

Private and discrete

Drug & Alcohol Testing

If you require random drug and alcohol testing for clients or employees we can provide the following tests at intervals suited to you:

Over 12% of sick days are due to mental health issues

Corporate Mental Health Support

We can help keep your team receive mental health support when they need it.

Your team can have access to 6, 12, or 18 therapeutic sessions through our exclusively priced corporate packages.

It’s our way of helping keep the long term cost of employee mental health issues down while keeping them well.

BPD/EUPD and Entrenched substance misuse

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

As a certified DBT centre of excellence, we’re able to provide expert support for your staff if they are diagnosed with the following conditions:
Person taking part in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy group session in Buckinghamshire

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