Children & Families

Children and family clinic

For times when families need that added support and guidance.

At Home Counties Therapy we offer a joint service for children and adolescents helping to tackle some of the issues that families and children face.

A professional, non-judgemental, and caring environment

Confidential Therapeutic Support for Children And Families In Buckinghamshire

Reviewed by our children and family lead, Tanya Dalton.

It may be that you are finding your child needs some external support to cope with changes in their life or that their behaviour is proving challenging and you would like to understand better what you can do as a parent to support them. Sometimes family changes can cause your child to become unsettled and the dynamic between two or more family members is proving challenging.

We offer a professional, non-judgemental and caring environment to explore with you and your child or teenager how you can move forward in a positive way to establish harmony in your relationships and your home.

You will have a choice of therapies which your therapist and you can decide upon jointly. We aim to offer you an appointment within twenty-four hours of contacting us.

Family therapy session in Buckinghamshire at our clinic in Aylesbury.
Tailored therapy and support packages that work with you and your child’s needs

Children and family Therapy options and services

Children and family mental health Assessments

A chance for us to listen, understand and explore why you have looked for help with your child

One of our experienced team members will guide you and your child through the assessment process. Getting to know you and your child is important to us. Understanding the reasons you have sought help, exploring historical issues, current family dynamics and any past intervention. We will discuss with you goals and treatment options. We aim to make the process as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

Individual Therapy For Children And Families

A safe space for your child to explore worries and emotions in a productive way

One to one therapy for your child where they are able to talk about their worries and emotions in a safe and productive way. Using age appropriate strategies and building a good repour with your child and family members to build on existing strengths and overcome challenges. Appointments are 60 minutes and usually either once or twice a week in our ASD friendly family room.

Joint/Family Therapy

Work together in a safe and calm environment with one of our experienced therapists

Explore issues alongside your child or family members in a healthy way. Helping to work through conflict and build a more cohesive relationship. This is usually for a set number of sessions and can be in accessed in addition to one to one therapy.

Outreach & Home Visits

We’re here to make accessing therapy and support for your child as easy as possible

We are able to offer home appointments and extra support where needed. We understand that clinic based appointments are not always convenient and you may feel more comfortable at home. You can also book a home assessment.

Phone Support

Professional assistance no matter what the circumstances are

Access phone support in times of crisis. Your child’s designated therapist will establish with you what type of support outside therapy appointments would be helpful for your family. A limited number of calls phone calls, emails or texting can be accessed by family members. Under 16s are not able to access phone support.

Group Workshops & Support

Further the support for your child with our workshops and support programmes

We run workshops throughout the year on different topics such as: Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, Assertiveness Training and more.Please contact us to find out more information on upcoming workshops and to find out about our parent support group.

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Speak To Our Clinical Admin Team In Confidence Today With Our FREE Callback Service.

How would you like to hear back from us?*

Explore More Of The Specific Areas We Provide Support For Children And Teens

Autism & PDA

Learn more about ASD and PDA in children. We’re here to offer support for you and your child with a compassionate and understanding approach.

Emotional And Behavioural Concerns

Parenting is not easy even without any extra difficulties. There are times when you as a parent need that extra support to manage your child’s behaviours.

Child & Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

10% of children have a mental health condition. We’re here to help and support children & teenagers, working with them to get through times of anxiety & depression.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Children And Family Therapy Services

What Would You Like To Know?

After you have contacted us, we will book in an initial one-off consultation session for your child. The initial consultation session will be just your child, however many children like a parent to come in with them initially until they feel comfortable and that can help them to communicate more easily. Following this initial appointment, we will advise who is the best fit for your child and arrange for sessions to take place with that therapist.
It is important to ensure the right fit between therapist and child; the relationship between them both is fundamental to the process. Sometimes the therapist who has met with your child is that person and other times the team will discuss who is best for your child.

The number of sessions is dependent on your child and their unique needs. We can initially agree a set number, (usually 12 weeks) then review this over time.

We have no minimum number of sessions required and can work within whatever time frame you can financially manage. It is however important for parents/carers to be aware that it can take several months for counselling to make a long-term difference and in a lot of cases a longer commitment may be necessary.

We work with children and young people between the ages of 3 and 19. The work varies depending on the age and understanding of each child. With very young children, the work is all centred around play, however our therapists adapt this as children get older and tailor the treatment to suit them.
Each session is 1 hour and occurs once a week. For a child aged 3 – 5 years, a slightly shorter session of 40/45 minutes may be advisable. Dependent on needs, some parents may wish for their child to attend more than weekly, but this can all be discussed in advance.
Although it is beneficial for the counselling process for your child to attend regular weekly sessions, we understand that at times there are unavoidable situations meaning a session may be missed. We require 48-hours’ notice if you wish to cancel your child’s session, otherwise the full session fee will have to be charged.

We currently provide sessions from 9am to 9pm and endeavour to give your child an appointment within 48 hours.

We strive to offer a session after school hours, however if all of our therapists are fully booked, we may only be able to accommodate a session during the school day. Although we can completely understand not wanting to take a child out of school, and we are not advocates of a child missing school, it is important to consider that poor mental health in the long run, can negatively affect overall academic attainment. For a short period of time, missing a lesson once a week, for some children, can be more beneficial than detrimental. If need be and with your consent, we can liaise with schools and teachers regarding your child leaving school slightly early once a week.

We are bound by ethical frameworks to maintain your child’s confidentiality. If there is anything that gives us concern, we will discuss with your child how and what we can tell you. (This is age dependent). However, if there is anything that reaches a safeguarding level, we will of course reach out to you and tell you, then discuss the best way forward. Often parents book in a few sessions with another member of our team to access guidance on areas that will be beneficial to them.

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