Family Therapy

Build healthier & stronger family relationships

Family therapy is an opportunity to reflect on family dynamics, interactions & understand each other’s views & experiences.

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Our approach to Family Therapy

A safe and non-judgemental environment for families to explore difficult circumstances & events

We work with families in a collaborative manner to explore the reasons they have decided to come to therapy. It enables families to explore difficult circumstances or events that have happened, each family member will be given the chance to express their thoughts and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment with guidance from one of our specialists.

Often the aim of family therapy is to work through interpersonal difficulties and is an opportunity to understand each other’s views and experiences, to reflect on family dynamics and interactions. Our therapists will support you in building on strengths and help your family create healthier and stronger relationships.

We will ensure your family is treated with respect in regards your family ethics, culture and background. Family therapy can be undertaken as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a package depending on the needs and requirements of your family.

Your therapist will be highly trained within several counselling and psychotherapy frameworks. We feel at Home Counties Therapy that it is important that you, as the clients, are treated as individuals and thus each family’s therapy will be different based on your needs and requirements.

Build on your strengths as a family
Creating stronger and healthier family communication & relationships

What Family Therapy can help with

Is your family is struggling in any of these areas?

Parenting Strategies

Building confidence in parents abilities

Changing boundaries, challenging difficult behaviour or addressing mental health concerns can be supported my optimising parenting strategies. We can provide that reassurance, offer recommendations and help you to support your child.

Relationship Difficulties

Managing conflict in a healthy way

It’s not uncommon that during teen years some parents may experience some relationship difficulties and conflict. Working through these challenges often lead to stronger and more balanced relationships.

Child & Adolescent Behaviour

Promoting healthy behaviours

If you are worried about your child’s behaviour and you feel that getting help would be beneficial we can work both with you and your child to address the concerns you have in a safe and productive way.

Divorce & Separation

Working through family changes

Separation or marital problems can put strain on all parties involved. Children at any age can be affected. Helping to understand and process family changes are important as well addressing any other concerns such as anxiety or emotional distress.

Mental Health Concerns

We can help with a range of concerns

If you have concerns about your child’s mental health or wellbeing we offer assessments and therapy to children of all ages to help with a range of conditions such as: Anxiety, PTSD and Depression.

Changes In Family Life

Dealing with change or difficult circumstances

Any major life event can prompt feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety and low mood. Learning to process changes in a safe environment can be helpful. We can assist by building emotional resilience, confidence and implementing healthy coping strategies.

Addiction Issues

Managing substance misuse and risk taking

Adolescents who are engaging in substance misuse may need some assistance from a specialist. Tackling these things early on can minimise long term consequences by reducing risky behaviour and exploring the underlying causes.

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Therapy individual to your family
Confidential, supportive & flexible treatment options

More about our Family Therapy

We tailor our therapy to your families needs

  • Assessments and pre-treatment to explore concerns and goals

  • Tailored treatment packages to best suit the needs of your family

  • Individual therapy can be offered to support family therapy

  • One-hour or two-hour appointments

  • Appointments take place in our spacious family room

  • Home visits available

  • Crisis support available

Help is here for you & your family when you need it most

Free initial consultations within 24 hours

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