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We have a fantastic team of mental health professionals with vast experience and training.

Our core beliefs are to offer the highest possible care and treatment to clients in a safe and non-judgemental environment. All our team members have DBT training and experience, are DBS checked and are members of relevant federations/associations and all participate in continued professional development as well as have ongoing internal and external supervision.

Nicola Salisbury


Nicola is a Psychotherapist and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has BA Hons and diploma in counselling. Warm and empathetic, she has trained as an Integrative therapist which means she can use many modalities to suit her clients’ needs including: Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Person Centered and CBT. She also has training in DBT therapy and DBT group skills training. With this versatility, Nicola can tailor her therapeutic style to optimise outcomes for her clients.

Together with her clients, Nicola builds a relationship based on trust, honesty and openness, where clients can reflect and explore what is going on for them without judgement or advice.

Through years of personal development and counselling training Nicola works to help individuals gradually become the best version of themselves in a non-directive manner.

Nicola values building a safe, confidential and nurturing environment. Whilst also gently challenging negative thoughts, unhelpful behaviours and patterns of relating, in order to reframe self-image and help you to move in the direction of positive change.


Alongside her work at Home Counties, Nicola works as a counsellor for the mental health charity Mind where she has gained valuable experience working with both complex and every day mental health problems.

Nicola also has experience working as a therapist for vulnerable 16 to 25 year olds experiencing housing crisis.

Services offered by Nicola

  • Assessments

  • One to one therapy

  • Child and adolescent appointments

  • Family therapy

  • Group therapy/DBT skills training

  • Workshops and corporate training

Tanya Dalton


Tanya is an integrative therapist, registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has also trained in DBT and group skills training.

She combines different theories to suit her client’s needs and creates an empathetic and a confidential safe space to grow a genuine honest relationship, allowing clients to explore and to be listened to non-judgmentally.
Sessions are client centred and provides an opportunity to feel supported and work through what brings you to therapy at your own pace.


Tanya has a wealth of experience of working with loss, bereavement, anxiety, depression, postnatal depression and other mental health conditions.

Alongside her work with Home Counties she also works in an Educational Support Centre providing therapy to children who have suffered adverse childhood experiences. She also works as a perinatal therapist within the NHS providing support for clients during the perinatal period on a range of complex issues.

Alongside this she has a wealth of experience of working for a multi-national company and a full awareness of the stresses such work can bring.

Services offered by Tanya

  • Assessments

  • One to one therapy

  • Child and adolescent appointments

  • Family therapy

  • DBT Therapy and skills training

  • Workshops and corporate training

  • Outbound/home appointments

Matthew Molyneux

Senior Addiction Therapist

Matthew is the addictions lead for Home Counties and coordinates our addictions assessments and caseload. He works closely with clients on a one to one basis, to help them identify and work towards achieving desired outcomes. His approach is eclectic and always tailored to suit a clients individual needs.

He is also a qualified DBT practitioner with his training from the Association of Psychological Therapies. This allows him to help his clients to develop coping strategies, improve their emotional awareness and become more effective at dealing with challenging interpersonal situations.

Matthew values self-development and continues to develop his own knowledge and abilities which gives him a wealth of skill and insight in helping others achieve their goals.


Matthew has extensive experience running groups including drug and alcohol, DBT, mindfulness, psychosocial educational and process groups. A transferable range of skills and knowledge used both in his one-one appointments and in a group settings.

Alongside this Matthew brings a wide range of experience to Home Counties, after studying at Reading University he has worked in residential treatment centres, alongside TVP and in various community settings as well as private practice for several years.

Matthew has achieved a level 4 in psychological therapies, while also being accredited by Addiction Professionals (Formerly FDAP) and APT.

Services offered by Matthew

  • Assessments

  • One to one therapy

  • Addiction counselling
  • Adolescent appointments

  • Family therapy & support
  • Group therapy/DBT skills training

  • Workshops and corporate training

James Hansen

Senior Therapist & supervisor

James has completed a Foundation Degree in Addictions Counselling and also completed a Honours Degree in Addictions Counselling at the University of Bath.

James’s areas of expertise are Group facilitation, Performance Management, Stakeholder requirements, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Counselling, Motivational Interviewing, Family Therapy, Mutual Aid groups, Assessment & Care Planning and being able to work with ethical and diversity needs, Social Research, Group Therapy, Facilitating Relapse Prevention and Sculpture groups. Experience in attending regular 1-1 supervision and also clinical group supervision, Harm reduction approaches and Counselling Skills in Addiction Context.


James is an Accredited Therapist (Specialising in Addictions, ADHD, Mental health) with over 19 years’ experience in the Addictions field and over 13 years’ experience working in residential Rehabilitation services whose focus is on addictions. James has a vast amount of experience working in a 12 Step approach (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous) within a residential setting. James has also worked in residential services that did not adopt the 12 Step approach. He is passionate about the importance of tailoring treatment towards the individual’s needs.

Services offered by James

  • Online assessments

  • Remote one to one therapy

  • Addiction Counselling

  • Workshops and corporate training

Ashleigh Wykes

DBT Therapist and skills trainer

Ashleigh is registered and has accreditation from the UK Association of Psychological Therapies and finished her degree at BPP University in London. She has extensive training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She has also had training in motivational interviewing and child & adult mental health.

She adopts a warm and non-judgmental approach, creating a collaborative therapeutic environment for clients to help them work towards goals and improve the quality of their life.

Ashleigh is a DBT lead for Home Counties Therapy and is part of the outreach and mental health support team. She has worked with businesses, groups, and individuals in coaching roles for many years but felt that her passion was to work within Mental Health. Ashleigh has had an interest in Mindfulness for over 10 years, has training in this field and practices daily.


Ashleigh has worked with individuals that have Personality Disorders, Autism, and Anxiety for the past 6 years. Offering therapeutic support and outreach in several settings. She has comprehensive knowledge of DBT therapy and is experienced in working with clients who have complex mental health conditions. She has run numerous workshops and corporate training days.

Ashleigh has experience working with multi-disciplinary agency including mental health teams, adult social care and charities.

Services offered by Ashleigh

  • Case formulation

  • Pre-treatment work

  • One to one therapy
  • Mindfulness training

  • DBT Skills Groups and training

  • Workshops and corporate training

  • Outreach support

Dan Harwood-Stamper


Dan is a fully qualified member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and works within their ethical framework to ensure client work is always safe and ethical. He is an integrative psychotherapist, having studied the main approaches to therapy (psychodynamic, person centred, and CBT) which gives the opportunity to draw on theory from these approaches and provide therapy tailored to each clients’ needs. He has training in DBT and DBT group skills, and continues to further his knowledge in this field.

Dan believes the single most important factor in any therapy is the client/counsellor relationship, and works to establish an open and trusting relationship with his clients, which provides a solid foundation for clients to explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, in an empathic, non judgemental environment.


Alongside his work at Home Counties Therapy, Dan is also engaged by a local authority Educational Support Centre, providing talk therapy to young people and their families who are experiencing difficulties within the mainstream school system. He has also worked with survivors of serious sexual abuse and assault, and has extensive experience working with vulnerable children and young people in residential care.

Services offered by Dan

  • Assessments
  • One to one therapy
  • Adolescent appointments
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • DBT skills training

Lorna Wykes

Consultant Director

Lorna has a Diploma in Psychology, BSc Criminology & Psychology and MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling and is registered with The British Psychological Society, The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners and The American Psychological Association.

Lorna works with her clients to enable them to better understand mental health conditions or difficult circumstances and helps clients explore how their life has been impacted. She creates a safe environment to work on any underlying trauma and abuse, whilst also looking forward to how she can help clients achieve their full potential. She can work with those who have complex mental health disorders or have had past therapy or misdiagnosis. Her passion is helping individuals to minimise the impacts of mental health conditions on their quality of life and assist with building and realising a more positive future.


Lorna has worked extensively in a therapeutic setting for the last 18 years and throughout this time worked with many conditions and client groups including Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, Autism & PDA, Eating disorders, Complex Addiction, PTSD, and Emotional and Social disorders in Young Children and Adolescents.

She has had senior positions within charitable organisations and has fostered young people with addiction-based issues and serious family breakdown. She has also worked closely with a range of organisations within mental health career including school, workplaces, housing organisations and social services.

Services offered by Lorna

  • Assessments

  • Reports and treatment plans

  • One to one therapy
  • Home appointment

  • Workshops and corporate training

Lorna has been great when it comes to diagnosing my son with ASD. I turnt to Lorna when no one in the NHS would take me seriously and offer me help and support with getting my son diagnosed. Lorna has been with us every step of the way and came for home visits, schools visits and sat in a meeting with the head and class teacher. She continues to support my son and us as a family to help minimize melt downs and be someone there when we need her for advice or support. She takes time out to call us to see how we are getting on if she hasn’t heard from us for a while which is greatly appreciated. My son has found talking to Lorna really easy and has gained trust with her quickly which is very rare for my son. I cant thank Lorna enough for being the person she is.

Laura, Client
I can’t thank Lorna enough for the support she gave me to give me the foundations to give up my drug usage. From day one the support was there and from previous experience with drug counselling I went in with not much hope, however I found Lorna really easy to talk to and several months later found myself clean and 22months later I still am clean. I know that if I had a wobble or found myself in a position where I had relapsed, Lorna wouldn’t judge and would be there to guide me to get me on the right track again. I have continued to see Lorna on a more infrequent basis to help me with my day to day struggles and feel so much better after a session. She really knows how to make you open up without realising you are doing it until after. Thank you for all you continued support and look forward to seeing you soon

Anonymous , Client
I’m posting this review under a pseudonym to maintain my confidentiality, just as HCTC have. As a professional person with a drug and alcohol problem, HCTC provided a safe place to come to terms with my difficulties and find a way forward. Initial contact was with Lorna who saw me within 24 hours and agreed a suitable schedule for therapy. After some time we felt that a group approach might be beneficial to me in addition to 1-2-1 sessions, so I joined the DBT group. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy is a fantastic tool for living a less chaotic life and I benefited immeasurably. The groups are delivered in a friendly, flexible format with a great sense of humour! Lorna and her team have always been hugely flexible when working around my busy job and family commitments. Their policy of allowing 24/7 contact with clients is genuine and on occasion life saving.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Home Counties for anybody seeking some help. They did, and still do, respect my autonomy in the process and have not once put me under pressure to increase or continue seeing them. 5 stars doesn’t quite sum up the help they’ve been over the last year or so. Thanks Lorna, Ashleigh and James!

Annonomous, Client
I have just completed a 6 month course of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy with Home Counties Therapy. I have a history of eating disorder and substance addiction and this course has been invaluable in providing me with skills that I did not posses before beginning the course. In particular I have found the interpersonal skills training and the distress tolerance tools to be helpful. The trainers are compassionate and have fantastic knowledge of both the course material & the supporting psychology. They have a great way of helping every member of the group to understand the course material and apply it to our own lives. No one gets left behind. I can highly recommend this course and feel that there is something to be gained for everyone.

Jackie, Client
I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Lorna, Ashleigh and James. Through attending one on one and group sessions I was able to find the direction I needed to move forward with my life.

They really go the extra mile and provide a fantastic service with a genuine desire to help you.

Lewis, Client

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