Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

DBT is the Gold Standard Treatment for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder but in recent years the treatment has proved to be highly effective for Adults and Adolescents with other conditions too.

There are a few places available in the UK that offer this treatment and unfortunately, in many areas, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy treatment is either not available or difficult to access through the NHS.

Here at Home Counties Therapy, we offer the package advocated by the author and lead in the field of DBT – Marsha Linehan. This involves a combination of Skills Training Group, One to One Therapy and Phone Support. We have been inspired as a team to offer the full DBT package to clients with complex mental health issues and adolescent with emotional and behavioural traits in line with BPD symptoms as this increases successful outcomes for our clients.

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Who is DBT for

  • Adults with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Adults with Complex Addiction.

  • Adults and Adolescents with Behavioural and Emotional Dysregulation.

  • Adults and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD & PDA).

  • Adults and Adolescents with Depression or Anxiety.

What is Dialectical Behavioural Therapy?

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is a comprehensive therapy that is designed to help increase resilience to distress and give individuals vital crisis management skills. It is helpful for individuals with extreme and intense emotions, who self-harm or engage in parasuicidal behaviour, who have negative and impulsive thoughts, have difficulty managing relationships, or are dealing with past trauma.

DBT helps establish coping mechanisms to reduce anxiety in situations and environments that elicit stress responses. It has been proven to be an effect way to shift negative and impulsive thinking instead building positive self-talk and mindful behaviours.

The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy course

Our Dialectical Behavioural Therapy course in Aylesbury is a 25-week module course during which time the client works on four skill-based areas in a group setting and working on individual issues with their designated therapist. Both components are necessary as clients become able to apply new skills in real life. It is highly recommended that clients complete the module twice. This is because learning to apply the skills during the first six months takes considerable effort and the second six-month period is where learning is compounded and becomes more integrated with the clients’ life and thinking style.

Each client takes part in a 2½ hour small group session each week and has a one-hour session with a DBT therapist each week and phone coaching as agreed with your therapist.

Get a free consultation for DBT in 24 hours or less

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What you’ll learn in the DBT modules

The DBT course at our Aylesbury clinic is made up of 4 core modules. Each of them are designed to focus on different areas of skills training. The 4 modules of DBT are: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness.




The foundation of DBT skills which allows you to become more aware, be able to focus on the present moment and skilfully attend to emotions, thoughts, and problems. Mindfulness is delivered in a practical and relatable way that allows you develop a sense of wise mind.




Crisis survival skills are taught to help members prevent and navigate crisis situations by building safe and effective methods to manage distress and anxiety without engaging in problem behaviours. Reality acceptance helps people to fully accept reality and provides guidance on how to respond to painful aspects of life.




This module helps individuals learn about their emotional responses, we teach how to decrease unwanted emotions and how to manage strong emotions that interfere with your quality of life. Learn skills that will help regulate emotions whilst also increasing your emotional resilience by taking care of your mind and body.




Build your interpersonal skills so you can reduce and navigate conflict, learn how to be assertive and manage boundaries in relationships. Strategies are provided for maintaining relationships, creating new ones, building self-respect and managing both your own needs and the needs of others in interpersonal situations skilfully.

Assessment and Pre-Treatment

You will need to have an Assessment which will indicate whether Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is suitable for you and if so, which treatment package would best suit your needs. During the assessment phase, any current difficulties you are currently experiencing will be explored as well as past conditions and previous treatments. The therapist carrying out the assessment will be able to advise you on what they think is going be the most effective form of treatment, however, your views and wishes are always paramount and we will work with you to create a tailored package that meets your needs and financial circumstances.

Before starting the DBT programme all individuals are required to take part in pre-treatment work, this will involve working on your goals and motivation to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes from your treatment. Your therapist will explain the DBT programme in full, answering any questions you might have, it may involve exploring DBT concepts and skills. Pre-Treatment usually involves an initial Assessment (2hrs) and two (1hr) appointments and you may be asked to join a getting ready group.

Please note group admissions are in between each DBT module, your therapist will advise you of the timescale and plan the assessment and pre-treatment accordingly.

I have just completed a 6 month course of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy with Home Counties Therapy. I have a history of eating disorder and substance addiction and this course has been invaluable in providing me with skills that I did not posses before beginning the course. In particular I have found the interpersonal skills training and the distress tolerance tools to be helpful. The trainers are compassionate and have fantastic knowledge of both the course material & the supporting psychology. They have a great way of helping every member of the group to understand the course material and apply it to our own lives. No one gets left behind. I can highly recommend this course and feel that there is something to be gained for everyone.

Jackie, Client
I can’t thank Lorna enough for the support she gave me to give me the foundations to give up my drug usage. From day one the support was there and from previous experience with drug counselling I went in with not much hope, however I found Lorna really easy to talk to and several months later found myself clean and 22months later I still am clean. I know that if I had a wobble or found myself in a position where I had relapsed, Lorna wouldn’t judge and would be there to guide me to get me on the right track again. I have continued to see Lorna on a more infrequent basis to help me with my day to day struggles and feel so much better after a session. She really knows how to make you open up without realising you are doing it until after. Thank you for all you continued support and look forward to seeing you soon

Anonymous , Client
I’m posting this review under a pseudonym to maintain my confidentiality, just as HCTC have. As a professional person with a drug and alcohol problem, HCTC provided a safe place to come to terms with my difficulties and find a way forward. Initial contact was with Lorna who saw me within 24 hours and agreed a suitable schedule for therapy. After some time we felt that a group approach might be beneficial to me in addition to 1-2-1 sessions, so I joined the DBT group. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy is a fantastic tool for living a less chaotic life and I benefited immeasurably. The groups are delivered in a friendly, flexible format with a great sense of humour! Lorna and her team have always been hugely flexible when working around my busy job and family commitments. Their policy of allowing 24/7 contact with clients is genuine and on occasion life saving.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Home Counties for anybody seeking some help. They did, and still do, respect my autonomy in the process and have not once put me under pressure to increase or continue seeing them. 5 stars doesn’t quite sum up the help they’ve been over the last year or so. Thanks Lorna, Ashleigh and James!

Annonomous, Client
Lorna has been great when it comes to diagnosing my son with ASD. I turnt to Lorna when no one in the NHS would take me seriously and offer me help and support with getting my son diagnosed. Lorna has been with us every step of the way and came for home visits, schools visits and sat in a meeting with the head and class teacher. She continues to support my son and us as a family to help minimize melt downs and be someone there when we need her for advice or support. She takes time out to call us to see how we are getting on if she hasn’t heard from us for a while which is greatly appreciated. My son has found talking to Lorna really easy and has gained trust with her quickly which is very rare for my son. I cant thank Lorna enough for being the person she is.

Laura, Client
I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Lorna, Ashleigh and James. Through attending one on one and group sessions I was able to find the direction I needed to move forward with my life.

They really go the extra mile and provide a fantastic service with a genuine desire to help you.

Lewis, Client

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