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Autism Assessments And Diagnosis for Adults and Children In Buckinghamshire

Book a private and confidential Autism (ASD and PDA) assessment with our clinical psychologist at our private mental health clinic in Buckinghamshire.

About our Autism Assessment and Diagnosis Service for Children and Adults in Buckinghamshire

Professional, Confidential, and Understanding Autism Assessments

Reviewed by Consultant Director, Lorna Wykes.

Here at Home Counties Therapy we’re able to provide assessments and diagnosis for Autism and PDA in Children and Adults at our clinic in Buckinghamshire. Every assessment will be carried out in a comfortable, confidential and understanding environment with a qualified member of our expert therapeutic team.

Why COnsider Booking A Private Autism Assessment?

For Clarity, Speed, and Direction On How To move Forward with a ASD Diagnosis

You or a loved one might be experiencing symptoms of Autism which has started to negatively impact their life and the people around them. Or you could already be on a waiting list for a diagnosis through the NHS.

We find many people come to us for a private assessment because they want to find out what they are really dealing with. This then allows them to start receiving the right therapy and support that will allow them to effectively manage their symptoms, understand their condition, and live a happy and fulfilling life again.

We also find for children, this allows the parents to start learning how to work with their child effectively if they are diagnosed with ASD or PDA. Schools benefit from knowing how to offer the right support as well. (needs rewording)

It’s also incredibly beneficial for their experiences in education too. With schools now recognising and providing extra support for children with a autism diagnosis. Upon obtaining one will this will allow your child’s school to start offering the needed support and structure required to ensure their experience is enriching and support. Our team are also able to provide guidance on this too.

How we access for Autism and PDA

Our qualified psychiatriatric clinicians carry out our assessments in accordance with The DSM V Autism criteria. During an assessment you will be taken through a non-judgemental series of questions and discussion points.

Additionally, if you are coming in for a diagnosis for your little one, your clinician will work with you, the parent, and your child collaboratively. 

The areas we investigate and explore during a diagnosis

Social Interaction

Area one


Area two

Interests & Behaviours

Area Three

Other Difficulties

We also see the following in adults and children with ASD

Person in Autism therapy session having an Autism assessment with our clinician in Buckinghamshire

Our Clinic Environment

Where we carry out our Autism Assessments

Your autism assessment can take place in the comfort of our clinic located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. It’s a comfortable, private, and safe place for you to be open and honest about your circumstances during your assessment.

However, if visiting our clinic is not an option for you, our team are able to carry out assessments from the comfort of your own home, through online video call, or any other location which is confidential and convenient for you.

We also offer appointments outside of business hours to accommodate people who are restricted to school and work schedules.


What to do after receiving your assessment results, what support is available?

Receiving a diagnosis for autism can come with a lot of different emotions and feelings. Some people find relief in knowing their suspicions were correct and it can provide some understanding as to why they present certain behaviours. On the other hand, others can find it harder to adjust to. For parents receiving a diagnosis for their child, it can bring hope and relief, marking the start of being able to move forward in a way where you can help and understand your child’s needs.

However you feel after the assessment, please be assured that you will already be in contact with some of the best support you can access for autism.

Our team are able to formulate a support plan that you can work with. All of our support plans take into account your current circumstances into consideration, ensuring what is offered is realistic, workable, and manageable for you.

You’ll also have the option of working with a therapist on a 1 – 1 basis, receiving support outside of our clinic, and out of hours phone support.

Clinical Costs

How much does a Private Autism Assessment cost and what does this cover?

Our private assessments and diagnosis for autism at our clinic in Buckinghamshire start from £700.

Assessments are typically carried out over a two day period, with each session lasting approximately 1.5 hours. During these sessions your clinician will go through your background history and complete a comfortable, supportive, and understanding semi-structured interview which at each diagnostic area for autism and PDA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Autism Assessment Service

We understand that getting a diagnosis is an important step for moving forward with effective treatment. We will ensure you are booked in for an assessment as soon as possible. This is usually within 1 week of being in contact with us.
Typically an assessment will be over two days, with each session lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

Our autism assessments start from £700. This pays for the time that you will spend with your licensed psychiatriatric clinician along with any relevant reports and treatment plans that come after your assessment appointments.

We offer a high level of confidentiality and will not contact others without your consent. The exceptions to this are if you are at imminent risk to yourself or another person. We will go through this with you in more detail but please be reassured that our aim is to keep your confidence.
Child in autism assessment session in buckinghamshire

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