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You are not alone: It is estimated that 1 in 6 adults have experienced a common mental health disorder in the last week

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    What is Depression?

    Depression is a mood disorder that can affect the quality of your life if untreated

    Depression ranges in seriousness from mild, short-lived episodes of sadness to major clinical depression. It is associated with low mood, feelings of sadness and hopelessness that last for more than a few days.

    Each person experiences depression differently, for some depression can seriously interfere with participating in daily life, work and managing relationships. Others may find unhealthy coping strategies to try to manage the symptoms of depression whilst trying to balance the pressures of life. Regardless of your circumstances, depression is a treatable medical condition and there is help available.

    Common symptoms of Depression

    • Fatigue and tiredness

    • Feelings of hopelessness and sadness

    • Anger and irritability

    • Loss of interest in daily activities

    • Thoughts of suicide

    • Inability to concentrate

    • Restless or excessive sleep

    • Reduced sexual interest

    • Changes in appetite

    • Engaging in risk taking behaviours

    Common types of Depression

    • Major Depression

    • Perinatal Depression

    • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADs)
    • Persistent Depression Disorder

    What can you do

    • Speak to a friend or family member

    • Contact your GP

    • Seek private treatment

    How Depression is treated