Major drugs, their effects & legal status

The Facts

Here are descriptions of the major drugs used, their effect and consequences of long term use as well as their legal status in the UK.

If you are struggling with use of any one or combination of the below substances then contact Home Counties for assessment and support.


Speed, Billy or Whiz

Amphetamine is a synthetic stimulant. It comes in powder form (sometimes pill form) and is usually white, yellowish or a pink colour. It is snorted, injected or ingested and it takes effect after about half an hour.

But as the body’s energy levels reduce the user is prone to feelings of anxiety, irritability, restlessness and dizziness. Amphetamines also increase weight loss and are often used for this effect.

Users can develop tolerance to amphetamines with increased use, withdrawal is primarily emotional, but users may experience a mild physical withdrawal including feelings of depression, lethargy and extreme hunger.