Emotional & Behavioural Concerns

Parenting is not easy even without any extra difficulties

There are times when you as a parent need that extra support to manage your child’s behaviour or work with them to understand their feelings that they may be finding it difficult to express or they are expressing in a way that may not be constructive.

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Emotional Concerns

If you’re concerned about you child or teenager’s wellbeing, we’re here to help

Children of all ages experience the same range of emotions as adults: happiness, sadness, anger, grief, fear, depression, loneliness and anxiety, but they don’t always have the capacity or understanding of how to ‘be’ with these emotions. They can become overwhelmed and act in ways that even they don’t recognise or even like. It can be beneficial to have somebody your child can work through their emotions and be able to understand how they can learn to respond to each emotion felt in a way that doesn’t cause unnecessary stress or worry to the child.

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For families with a teenager, life can sometimes be difficult to contend with

Hormones, social anxieties and everyday learning can create pressure without the addition of the changing teenage brain. This can lead your adolescent to; acting on impulse, misreading social cues and emotions, engaging in risky or dangerous behaviour. It can become apparent to you as their parent that your teen is struggling with this new way of being. Please be assured this is more common than many parents realise.

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Signs that your child or adolescent may need support

The following are signs of emotional and behavioural troubles in children and adolescents

Build strong relationships & emotional resilience
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms we can advise you on the best route forward

Screening for mental health conditions

Making sure your child receives the right treatment

It may be that you child just needs a little extra support and help with managing their emotions and behaviours. However in some instances it can be beneficial to screen for mental health or developmental conditions too depending on the problems that present.

If additional testing or screening is recommended based on the initial assessment we will guide you through this process to help you make informed decisions about any screening options and subsequent treatments.

Typical conditions we might test for under these circumstances are: Anxiety Disorders, Major Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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