We have continued offering services throughout this difficult time. Addressing mental health concerns remains a priority for our team.

Assessments, Therapy Appointments and DBT programme via zoom or Skype.

Face to face assessments and appointments are available in our offices.

Covid measures include:

  • Sanitizer gel available in all rooms
  • Social distancing measures
  • Cleaning in between appointments

How you can help:

  • Wash or sanitise your hands
  • Arrive on time for your appointment
  • Cancel your appointment if you have any covid – 19 symptoms

Build a life worth living at our integrative therapy clinic in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Therapy that works with youputs your needs firstimproves communicationincreases wellbeingmakes life manageablebreaks destructive patternsbuilds your self esteem

Home Counties Therapy is a bespoke and discreet organisation set up to meet all your therapy & mental health support needs. Working closely with our clients, we help them achieve meaningful life results through a wide range of therapeutic practices such as – DBT, Psychotherapy, Family Therapy & ongoing outreach support.

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Dialectial Behavioural Therapy
Drug & Alcohol Clinic
Your needs are at the heart of our therapy & mental health support services
Home Counties Therapy is a bespoke and discreet organisation in Aylesbury set up to meet all your therapeutic needs.

We offer a wide range of services supplied by our professional and dedicated team. We hand-pick every team member for their expertise and desire to make a difference to the client. The client’s needs are at the heart of our service.

Our aim is that you will be seen within 24 hours of contacting us. We value your privacy and many of our clients’ are assured by our policy of non-disclosure to other agencies without severe cause. Your consultations will take place in comfortable surroundings and we endeavour to ensure that each person we meet is offered a high standard of care.

Therapy & Mental Health Support For

Borderline Personality DisorderAddictionAlcohol MisuseChild & Adolescent BehaviourASDPDADepressionAnxiety

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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Drug And Alcohol Support

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Children And Adolescent Behaviour Concerns

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Child Autism And Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

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Adult Autism Support

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Trauma And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Depression Therapy And Support

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Anxiety Therapy & Support

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Drug & Alcohol Clinic

If you or someone you care about is struggling with drugs or alcohol or a combination of both, we can offer a package to suit your needs and requirements. We offer a practical, non-judgemental and eclectic approach through our effective and proven drug and alcohol service.

Drug & Alcohol Clinic

Adult Therapy Clinic

It may be that you have been aware for some time that you would benefit from therapeutic support or you may find yourself at a point of crisis. You may be fully aware of the concerns you would like to find a resolution to, or you may feel down, anxious or generally unhappy and not sure why.

Adult Clinic

Family Therapy Clinic

We offer a professional, non- judgemental and caring environment where we can explore with you and your child or teenager how you can move forward in a positive way. Our goal is to work together and establish harmony in your relationships and your home.

Family Clinic

The Home Counties Therapy Team

We have a fantastic team of mental health professionals with vast experience and training.

Meet our team
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I can’t thank Lorna enough for the support she gave me to give me the foundations to give up my drug usage. From day one the support was there and from previous experience with drug counselling I went in with not much hope, however I found Lorna really easy to talk to and several months later found myself clean and 22months later I still am clean. I know that if I had a wobble or found myself in a position where I had relapsed, Lorna wouldn’t judge and would be there to guide me to get me on the right track again. I have continued to see Lorna on a more infrequent basis to help me with my day to day struggles and feel so much better after a session. She really knows how to make you open up without realising you are doing it until after. Thank you for all you continued support and look forward to seeing you soon

Anonymous , Client
I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Lorna, Ashleigh and James. Through attending one on one and group sessions I was able to find the direction I needed to move forward with my life.

They really go the extra mile and provide a fantastic service with a genuine desire to help you.

Lewis, Client
I have just completed a 6 month course of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy with Home Counties Therapy. I have a history of eating disorder and substance addiction and this course has been invaluable in providing me with skills that I did not posses before beginning the course. In particular I have found the interpersonal skills training and the distress tolerance tools to be helpful. The trainers are compassionate and have fantastic knowledge of both the course material & the supporting psychology. They have a great way of helping every member of the group to understand the course material and apply it to our own lives. No one gets left behind. I can highly recommend this course and feel that there is something to be gained for everyone.

Jackie, Client
Lorna has been great when it comes to diagnosing my son with ASD. I turnt to Lorna when no one in the NHS would take me seriously and offer me help and support with getting my son diagnosed. Lorna has been with us every step of the way and came for home visits, schools visits and sat in a meeting with the head and class teacher. She continues to support my son and us as a family to help minimize melt downs and be someone there when we need her for advice or support. She takes time out to call us to see how we are getting on if she hasn’t heard from us for a while which is greatly appreciated. My son has found talking to Lorna really easy and has gained trust with her quickly which is very rare for my son. I cant thank Lorna enough for being the person she is.

Laura, Client
I’m posting this review under a pseudonym to maintain my confidentiality, just as HCTC have. As a professional person with a drug and alcohol problem, HCTC provided a safe place to come to terms with my difficulties and find a way forward. Initial contact was with Lorna who saw me within 24 hours and agreed a suitable schedule for therapy. After some time we felt that a group approach might be beneficial to me in addition to 1-2-1 sessions, so I joined the DBT group. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy is a fantastic tool for living a less chaotic life and I benefited immeasurably. The groups are delivered in a friendly, flexible format with a great sense of humour! Lorna and her team have always been hugely flexible when working around my busy job and family commitments. Their policy of allowing 24/7 contact with clients is genuine and on occasion life saving.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Home Counties for anybody seeking some help. They did, and still do, respect my autonomy in the process and have not once put me under pressure to increase or continue seeing them. 5 stars doesn’t quite sum up the help they’ve been over the last year or so. Thanks Lorna, Ashleigh and James!

Annonomous, Client

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